Project for the final year of BA Graphic art studies at Vilnius Academy of Arts, Vilnius, Lithuania 2014
Large scale digital prints (227cm x 300cm) with audio and video visualisations projected directly on print area.

Project is based on a study of glitch art and aesthetics, glitch as a medium itself, aesthetic of error and the moment and techno-culture as a whole. It touches on various concepts and talks about different philosophies, attitudes and opinions, because glitch cannot be understood as an integrated concept. It is a number of factors and interpretations all together. A glitch, in any case is a subjective phenomenon, there is no clear and unambiguous explanation of what it is and what it is not. Pondering with glitch is to be put in the gap between knowledge and nonsense.
The sound part of the projection is a collaboration with musician and artist – Lukas Petraitis. The industrial-style of music that he creates, reinforces the expression of visual glitch in this project. It conveys different emotions of narratives, stimulates the viewer’s senses and helps to develop a deep atmosphere of inclusive technological flow.
Sound track by Lukas Petraitis
Visuals by Egle Saka

glitch constructions
The beauty of industrial objects as work of art created by man. It emits high-energy from itself. Large, cold, massive, metal constructions connect with emotions of fear, anxiety, uncertainty, aggression. Noise music here is that aggressive, expressive code, the beauty of streaming errors. It is a response to the influx of technology where information and technology have become the main source of strength.
Glitch Landscape
Glitch landscape is a loop - repetitive sounds and visual elements, thus creating continuous time and space landscape of the glitch moment.
Interaction: Human and machine
Glitch occurs where there is no expected functionality. It is understood in both, technological and social terms. Consequently, glitch is not always just a technical miscommunication. Glitch here is the interaction of a man and machine.
Video installation setup for exhibition


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