artist statement
I strongly believe that a visual accident is the best thing that can happen to an artist, therefore I see it as a positive artistic outcome. I immerse myself in spontaneous decisions in the process of printing and creating my visuals, as I feel the need to turn away from precision and perfection and look for visual freedom, usually in a form of intentional error and glitches.
I often manipulate imagery with malfunctioning electronic devices causing analog signal errors, which results in something unexpected, pushing the image from its original towards its abstract form, which is often disturbing, yet seductive. Mainly working in a monochrome or grayscale colour scheme, I find the heightened nostalgic feel and desirable dreamy tones.
My thought process essentially is an ongoing search of an epiphanic moment of insight into the essential meaning of something or why we long for something. This process is a constant intellectual ambivalence of forms and space, experiences and mixed feelings about the past and the present. This is where it gets a bit poetic, when the momentary expression becomes a sort of visual poetry. Using blurred out images I capture the day dreaming and atmospheric states of mind. Almost like a state of limbo where one lingers between something and nothing, infinite search for balance. I feel like nostalgia might be that balance that we crave for living submerged in this multi-tasking culture. I anticipate that the melancholy in my work brings attention to collective consciousness, pulling inwards and away from the condense distractions at the top of the surface we senselessly live on.

Studio happenings and processes

An insight of my creative process and how prints happen.

Combined analog video feedback / to create unique glitch visuals, as well as video art / 
and silk screen printing techniques / to produce original print works and limited editions /

Video originals - @john_scarane 
Video edit - Egle Saka
Sound track - ©️Beaumont Hannat - Utuba (Tastes and Textures Volume 3, 1994)