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Group NFT drop on ANALOG VIDEO UNION collection on OBJKT.COM.
This months theme is ANALOG EDEN.

I found my analog eden in the forsaken places of my mind, still streaming relicts of lost narratives from the abandoned verdure. VIEW HERE ︎︎︎


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upcoming / current / recent
                        ︎︎︎ events date log

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August 11-18th

LIMINAL GALLERIES collection showcase
at ArtSect Gallery:

ArtSect Gallery Algha Works 83 Smeed Rd, Fish Island London E3 2NR

Thrilled to be showcasing my LIMINAL GALLERIES series at ArtSect Gallery, curated by Aga Sliz.

Notes from Collective Individuals :

Prepare to be immersed in a world of captivating art as we present the remarkable work of London-based graphic and video artist, @egle_saka
The art piece "Liminal Galleries" unveils a unique exploration of modified analogue medium and new media art, delving into the intricacies of glitches, noise, and distorted audio-visual signals.

"Liminal Galleries" masterfully captures the essence of hidden nuances, drawing attention to the beauty found within imperfections. Egle Saka seeks to elicit the viewer's inner noise, provoking a deep contemplation of the complexities that define our human experience.

In this liminal space, art transcends boundaries and connects us to the very essence of our existence. Join us at Artsect Gallery from August 11th to 18th for "Art for Change." Be transported into the enigmatic world of "Liminal Galleries," where art serves as a catalyst for positive transformation.

Join us for an intimate gathering of art enthusiasts, collectors, and special guests as we unveil a breathtaking collection of artworks by UK and international artists. Experience the power of creativity as we focus on making our society and environment a better place, often starting within. On the second day, the 'Art for Change' exhibition opens its doors to the public!

@__ssyba__ @malougistics @michaelagsalvo@polina_tyan_uk @egle_saka @avarello_virtualarts .

@nelson.r0cha @n__a_g_a @jellycleaver



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Excited to be a member of the Analog Video Union family and the VOL.2 drop. 

The Last TV Supper is my NFT piece for the ANALOG VIDEO UNION vol.2 drop on @objktcom!

Last TV supper is a 3D scan of an audiovisual installation made in real life.  
Part of an artist residency programme at "ISKROVOS" festival in Panevezys, Lithuania, July 2023.

You can follow THIS thread on Twitter where I explain how the installation and the final piece was made.


Social event in the virtual reality of Voxels ///
Time: // Wednesday 2nd

05:00 AEST

12:00 PDT

15:00 EDT

20:00 BST

21:00 CEST

04:00 KST

Place: Museum of Analog Video

Virtual address:
At 29 Snowdrop Court, near Spring in Chronos

Museum of Analog Video is a place for artworks which originated in an analog format and were then digitised. 
All artworks are from a newly formed collective of artists who call themselves Analog Video Union.




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Hosted by IŠKROVOS festival in Panevezys, LT 

July 22-29th

Excited to be one of the residents at IŠKROVOS festival in my home town in Lithuania.

A week long residency in an abandoned industrial building within one of the biggest industrial complex areas of the city. 

Attempting to form new cultural identities and bring the creative back to the most industrial city in Lithuania. 

The arts platform "IŠKROVOS" is partially supported by the Lithuanian Council of Culture, information partner LRT Opus. Partners: Fazė, Panevėžys Now, Kiemas.



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upcoming / current / recent
                        ︎︎︎ events date log

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            ︎ &global ‘23 ︎

Excited to participate and share visuals at the Wandsworth Fringe Tap Dance Days, a multidisciplinary event put together by my dear friend Petra Haller. She’s an incredible tap dancer and will be performing alongside these great artists, musicians and poets!

Line up for Tuesday 20th: 

Taegum, @hyelimkim_music
Spoken Word, @iriscolomb
Piano, @ollychalk
Video installation, @egle_saka
Tap dance, @petrahallerdancer

This year, tap dancer Petra Haller is bringing the Wandsworth Fringe tap dance days to Wandsworth Arts Fringe Festival 2023. During her one-week run at National Opera Studio, she will show the breadth of her work in genres from Jazz standards to Avant Garde.

About the artists:

Egle Saka is a London-based, visual and video artist who works with analog medium - glitches, noise, and other distorted/manipulated AV signals in order to bring the beauty of imperfections to the forefront of the viewer’s awareness.

Iris Colomb is a poet, artist, performer, curator, editor, and translator based in London. Her practice explores various relationships between visual and verbal forms of text through works involving performance, book objects, experimental translation, and improvisation.

As composer and daegeum (Korean flute) soloist, Dr Hyelim Kim has been using pioneering intercultural/interdisciplinary approaches through rooted in Korean traditional music.

Olly Chalk was born in Bury St. Edmunds and grew up in a quiet village in rural Suffolk. At 18, he received a scholarship to study Jazz Piano at the Royal Birmingham Conservatoire, graduating four years later with a First Class Honours.

20 June, 7.00pm — 8.00pm
2 Chapel Yard, Wandsworth High Street, London, SW18 4HZ
Tickets: £15



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