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Error. Broadcast was an AV installation for my final Graphics BA degree show in the Academy of Arts, Vilnius, Lithuania.

Installaction was built of two parts, one being AV projection on digital prints, second being CRT TV installation with live web-cam.
This project was a result of my 2 year research about analog glitch as art movement, analog video synthesis and how these glitches speak to us as people of nostalgic analog culture as well people of ever evolving technological culture. 

Selection of 3 video stills for the final sequence ︎︎︎

Images were results of experimental analog video synthesis, using modified glitch video mixers to create visual errors and video distortions.
These were digitally printed onto a largescale 3.5 meter sheets of tarpaulin material,
to act as the backdrop and still starting point for the video projection going directly on the prints.
- The left image sequence explored the eerie feels of industrial constructions as an object of man-made art and how it became inevitable element of our ‘natural’ landscape.
- The middle section created a continuous time-space of error, a glitchscape of repetitive patterns and a loop of dissonant tones, inviting the viewer to enter a more meditative state of error.
- The right piece had a contradict meaning, exploring the ambiguity of glitch - what/who informs who/what? Is it humans that in-form the machines, or machines in-form humans? The text on the print reads “ You’re not even capable of thinking in abstractions” and this phrase is constantly repeated by the robotic voice in the soundtrack. Suggesting that the machine is questioning our human capability of expanding consciousness to the abstract edges. 

Soundtrack compositions:

Each video played in a sequence and had individual soundtracks. All three of the soundtracks were made by a Lithuanian sound artist and musician Lukas Petraitis.

The soundtrack below was remade and edited into a single track composition, using all of the original sound pieces.
The video presentation was also re-composed into a single video art piece, which you can watch below or follow the link to full YouTube video.

Glitch selfie: live video installation

Here, the web-cam was a live source going directly into an analog glitch video mixer and finally out to the vintage CRT TV. 
Besides having the intentional glitches triggering the tube TV, the analog medium itself offered an array of unintentional errors and textures. This particular Cathode Ray Tube could receive analog signals only through an aerial antenna input which allowed even more space for errors.

analog-human and human-analog:

Based on the viewers distance to the camera and intensity of motion, each photographed glitch portrait had unique features and was constantly changing while being triggered by the audience. This created a very brief but engaging moment of one-to-one experience for the viewer, as they were able to explore the unknown realm of analog reflection and discover another side of their self image, perhaps their shadow side.
In a reality of perfected replicas of the self, it was liberating to see another self, presented in a different shape and form, free from societal boundaries and preconceptions. All of a sudden, the analog medium felt very human. The installation then held a question of what it means to be analog..?  

glitch selfie installation with live web-cam, distorting the viewers portrait.

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